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SSL Error with "Get from URL" with Filemaker Go 16

Question asked by mclemens on May 12, 2017

Hi there,


i was happy to get Filemaker Go 16 this week because of an issue i had about file size's of PDF with pictures in it. Filemaker Go 16 fixed this problem and it seems that everything is working fine. But now there might be another issue that i can't resolve:


I'am using "Get from URL" to download a txt-file in a field. With Filemaker 13 / 14 on Mac and Filemaker Go 13 / 14 / 15 everything worked fine. But now with Go 16 i get the error-message: "Error - SSL-Error"


What did i do by now to resolve the problem:


- Renew the server-certificate on the internal web server

- installed the certificate on the ipad

- tested the url with Safari on iPad - that worked fine - no error - the textfile loaded fine in the Safari

- switch on and off all options in the "get from url" script-step


And now?


I look's that this is an new error of Filemaker Go 16 - anybody ideas?


Thank you from Germany for every help.