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    Sharing a file


      Hi all,


      I need a basic sharing question answered. I thought I had a handle on it but need to check.


      I have a front end file and a back end file.  Front end is user interface, back end is data.  Front end looks at the back end file for the data.  As it stands I use FM Pro for the 4 users, they all login on their own machine with a standard login which works fine.  I now want to put in access rights into the file.  I don't want to put all users in the 'front end' file, I want to be able to put them in the 'back end' file which nobody opens.


      I can't get the front end to look at the back end for user rights, it only allows me to do it if I input all users into the front end file.


      Do I need to have server for this or can I make the front end look at the back end for access using FM Pro Adv?





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          Neither server nor advanced will give you new options for what you want. It is more secure to put matching accounts and passwords into both files but if you choose, you can set file options in the interface file to auto-enter an account and password when the file opens. After opening, the first reference to data from the back end will cause a password dialog to open asking for account name and password in order to open the back end.

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            If your 'frontend' has references to the 'backend' tables on its relationship graph (RG), then you need the same Accounts and Passwords. The Permissions (Privileges) are put on the actual data (backend), and the frontend will respect those via the table occurrence views on its RG.


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