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FileMaker Go 16 UI/UX advice

Question asked by scoonz on May 12, 2017

Afternoon All!


I have for the past week being trying to determine the best method to solve the following requirements by my company. WAN/3G/4G is also a consideration here.


This database is a survey to work on an iPad!




1. Create a route/journey of locations (floor, offices/rooms etc) within the building the user is to visit and hence survey.


2. Be able to reorder the route. For example, the user may have initially decided to visit the various offices/rooms in the 'Basement' first and then decides they wish to start the survey on the 'Ground floor' followed by the 'Basement'.


My ideas so far:


  • I have come across examples of Expandable/Collapsable Portals. There are some great examples BUT do not work on FM GO unless you really come up with a hack. Long scrolling lists frustrate users.
  • Drap and Drop is not a feature in FileMaker. There are examples but once again do not work in FM GO 16.


In fairness the authors of those excellent examples did mention they would not function in FM GO.


  • The web viewer is another option. Scary I must admit, HTML, CSS, JS!  I have noticed that for FM GO 16 and prior you are requirement to tap the web view before anything else within the viewer can be activated. This doesn't seems the case in FM Pro Adv 16. If this is the case in the iOS SDK I've no idea.



Any thoughts would be so very much appreciated. Of the two issues reordering the list/portal stumps me entirely.