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    Value List into separate records


      I'm getting there as a newbie, but for some reason I can't work this one out:-


      My first post after a cranial removal op ! so please excuse the methods.


      I have a table where we download one table that shows transaction records (a bank account) with the usual fields:- date, amount, description etc which also has the field "Account #"

      I need to make a separate unique list (portal/table) of the "Account #" references only eg, 12345-6789, 12345-9876 and so on to enable more filtering. I have a drop down list for searching the field "Account #" and everything else works fine, but I can't find a way to extract the unique "account #" values from the value list and display separate totals for the different account numbers (in a new layout/portal/tab).





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          Well, for reporting there are a few options.

          Try this one first (easiest):

          • create a layout (list) based on your table

          • remove the body part

          • create a summary field (total of) for the

          • add a sub-summary part sorted on the account # field

          • Place the fields for Account# and the new summary field in the sub-summary part

          • back in browse mode, sort


          That's another layout. If you need a portal on one of your tabs. let us know.



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            Am I correct that you want to list each account number once with a total for that account?


            Creste a summary report on a list view layout based on the table that you are using for these portals. Add a sub summary part "when sorted by" your account number field. Remove the body layout part. Place a summary field set to compute the total of your value field in this sub summary part. Add the account number and any other fields that you want to this layout part.


            Sort your records by account number and you should get a list of accounts and totals for each.

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              Thank you Beverly

              Of course - doh !

              But I will want to put the info into a portal.

              I've got a "maxdate" calc field to show the last balance on the last date, so this will need to sort on that I suppose to show the latest balance on the last date of the downloaded file ?


              Kindest regards


              Jim Larsson

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                Hey, Jim! you can search 'portal summary' in the search above, as I just did and found this gem (demo file):

                Sub summary in a portal

                more posts, I'm sure, on the topic here and elsewhere.


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