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    script debugger


      In Fifteen and other versions when using the debug tool on a long script the script could be scrolled past the current point and then stepped through.


      This no longer happens in sixteen, the debug tool always puts the current point in a long script at the bottom of the window meaning that one cannot see what comes next. This seriously affects the tools usability.


      Anyone know an answer?



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          Would you please post a screenshot for clarity?


          Sigh, .... We certainly don't want "less" usability that we have now...

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            Steve Wright

            Is this on mac?

            I'm not seeing any difference on Windows, at least compared with FM15, so far it has been behaving in the same manner as previously.


            i.e. if the current step highlighted is still in view, be that in the middle or top of the list, I can step through until the current step is at the bottom before the window starts scrolling to keep it in view.  That includes being halfway through a long script and manually scrolling to see some of the upcoming script steps.

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              On MAC, before the window starts scrolling to keep it in view.

              Now grab the scroll bar so you can see some more steps below the selected(current) step then step through; the current step goes immediately to the bottom of the window.


              Kind regards


              Patrick Kenlock

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                Steve Wright

                It doesn't appear to be an issue on Windows if I am understanding it correctly. A short video of it in action may help to clarify the issue.



                i.e.  I stepped through half of this script then scrolled so the current step was somewhere in the middle, it was at the bottom before I scrolled.



                I then stepped through twice without scrolling the window


                The window only started scrolling itself once I got to the last displayed step.


                I will give it a go on my mac this evening, sounds like a mac only issue. 

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                  Steve Wright

                  I just got around to trying it on macOS Sierra.


                  I can see exactly where you are coming from, it behaves differently to FM15 (on mac & win) and also FM16 on Windows in that the examples I posted previously don't hold true.  After scrolling (1st screenshot) each time you step through the display shifts so that the active row is always at the bottom, unlike the 2nd screenshot above.


                  Might be worth posting this in the report an issue section.

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                    Thank you for your post!


                    Testing and Development is aware of this issue with FileMaker Pro 16 on the Mac Operating System. This issue does not occur on Windows or older versions of FileMaker. I will add your information to the original report and post back here when further information is available.



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      I just tested this on my system (Mac OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan) and there is no such problem. Might be Sierra issue only.

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                        Thanks for the update, appreciated.


                        Kind regards


                        Patrick Kenlock

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                          Thanks for confirming Steve, looks like FM are on the case already.


                          Kind regards


                          Patrick Kenlock

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                            Oh right, will test on my laptop which still has the OS previous to Sierra.




                            Kind regards


                            Patrick Kenlock

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                              While this bug is being addressed, I have a suggestion.


                              The ideal for me would be for the debugger to highlight the executing line down to about a third of the height of the code pane and then have the code automatically scroll past that fixed point to the end of the script during execution. This would display the perfect context for the way I work and also end having to scroll the code manually through long scripts.


                              Perhaps a selectable scroll point would make everyone happy?