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FM14 File with Corrupted Images - advice on how to fix

Question asked by DavidZakary on May 12, 2017
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Client has a database with thousands of embedded images.


When they assemble a report, which contains images, the images display in FileMaker, they display in Preview mode but when they get saved as a PDF they don't show up.


Exporting the field contents, re-saving in Photoshop and bringing back into FileMaker fixed it. Except that is an incredibly manual process. The file HAD to go through Photoshop in order to work, I tried re-saving in OS X Preview and it didn't work. Just exporting and re-importing didn't help either.


Two questions:

1) Can anyone think of a way to identify which images might be messed up? I'd prefer to only process the messed up images rather than all of them.

2) Any thoughts on a way to automate the image re-save?


I was wondering if creating a Base64encode of the file and then decoding it back to the container field might do it. I haven't tried it yet.


Any thoughts?