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Value list with first and second field skips duplicates of second field

Question asked by lokinyc on May 12, 2017
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I have a database of companies and one of my layouts is for personnel. So I have tables Vendor and Person. There's also an intermediate joining table VendorPerson which links IDs from both tables.


On the person layout is a portal for related VendorPerson, and I have a field vendor_fkID which links it to the vendor. For this field, I've set up a value list which picks up the ID from Vendor (as a first field) and actually shows the Name from Vendor (as the second field). This works most of the time.


The problem is this. Several vendors have the same name. If I display the ID (first field) ONLY in the value list, I see all the appropriate entries.

If I display the name as well, or ONLY display the name, I only see ONE entry per name. It skips any duplicate names.


Is there any way to force it to display ALL the entries, even if the names are duplicated, or is this a necessary feature of value lists?