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oauth and duplicate account names from different services

Question asked by taylorsharpe on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by taylorsharpe

I'm new at oauth like most of you too and just went through the instructions to set up Amazon, Google and Microsoft.  Amazon and Google went just fine.  Microsoft did a 2nd factor authentication and said I put in the wrong code and has rejected me and never gave me even a 2nd try and locked me out. I had to place a service request that won't be looked at until Monday.  Oh well.  Thumbs up for Amazon and Google.  Thumbs down for Microsoft Azure for now, but hopefully later this week. 


So, now that I have the server set up and working with Amazon and Google, it was time to test accounts.  I am happy to say both work just fine and as expected.  Good job FileMaker. 


Now for my "issue".  I happen to have the same User Name (email address) for Google and Amazon.  When you create the accounts in FileMaker Security, you assign them to either Google or Amazon appropriately which sounds all good.  EXCEPT, if you have the same account name (e.g., the same email address) for both services, FileMaker will not let you create the 2nd account in FileMaker security.  I think this is a mistake and it should let you have the same account name as long as it references a separate service.  Anyone else agree or have a better idea or suggestion?