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Filemaker Server Needs

Question asked by raykennedy on May 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by taylorsharpe

I know it is recommended to have an independent machine running FMS but am curious if there are any major drawbacks specifically for my uses if I was to load FMS on my Apple IMAC. My use right now is a single user, just I am using it, but would like to connect to one file from multiple devices (not at the same time). So for example if I have a contacts database, when I am out in the field I would like to access the same file I do when I am in the my office without transferring the files from device to device.


It seems I would either have to have a file open at all times with FMP or utilize FMS where I believe it is just being run in the background.  My IMAC is on 99% of the time so it would be accessible when I need it to be and of course my devices have internet access. Because I will only be connecting to it I just need the one concurrent connection that should not be a limitation if I understand it correctly. I would also want to connect to multiple FM files but not all at the same time, individually. For example, one file might be contacts, another might be transactions etc. My understanding is you don't have to have the files open at all times on FMS, you can open and close the files as needed.  Any thoughts on this for my specific purposes. Down the road I might consider setting up an individual server if it becomes necessary but was curious if I could be that task and cost on the back burner and just start with putting it on my IMAC.  Any thoughts on this?