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    FMS 16 not work




      I had FMS14 working under Mac OS Sierra.

      I uninstalled FMS14 and restart the Mac.

      I install FMS 16 trial.

      After the successfull installation message I get this message in Safari

      The Database Server is not available. To edit server deployment, please start the Database Server first.


      I trash the FileMaker Server folder, restart and tried again -> same problem.


      Any idea?



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          Trashing the FileMaker Server folder is most definitely NOT what is meant by "Start the Database Server".

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            I am agree with you.

            But first I try with the normal way.

            I still have the original Filemaker Server folder v14 on my desktop -> in case…



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              have you noticed the sliding button on top right side, where you start and stop the server.

              Do you mean that doesn't work. When Server is on the slider shows a blue area.

              Best regards


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                I am not sure you have unistalled FMServer in a correct way before installing FMS16, given that you think you can return to FMS14 with the original FMS14 filder on your desktop.


                FMS on MacOS is a deamon (which is the unix-equivalent for a windows-service) and connot be (un)installed by just dragging a folder into another. You now probably have an invalid installation and you'll have to remove in the correct way. Start by making sure the fms-deamon is shutdown with:

                sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.filemaker.fms.plist

                or with:

                sudo launchctl remove com.filemaker.fms

                Both commands do the same except that the first tries to close your files and everything, the other just bluntly shuts down FMS. Neither of these commands are permanent, so do not restart the Mac.


                After that you should have an app for uninstall on your mac at:

                /Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/FMS [Version#] Uninstaller.app

                Run that, restart your mac and install the new version of FMS.

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                  Agreed with what Menno mentions; pretty sure you did not uninstall FMS14 properly and trashing folders is never a good idea when it involves background daemons.  So your machine is probably a big mess right now with bits and pieces all over the place.


                  If this machine is used for nothing but FMS I would strongly suggest you wipe and do a clean OS install and then an FMS install.

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                    Is it not taking a pestle instead of a hammer to proceed with a full reinstallation of the Mac?

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                      Sometimes the hammer is most expedient and provides a clean slate to work from.  It eliminates a host of potential issues in one fell swing.  ;-)

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                        Usually, yes. But in this case the proper uninstall was not done and FMS is nor just an app; there will stuff all over the place that will get in the way of any new install attempt.


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                          I found the problem…

                          This machine is a "Test" machine -> before using new programs in production.

                          FMS 14 was installed and I uninstalled it correctly (Off web and database + quit Admin console + uninstall from the install App + Restart).

                          Then I try to install FMS16 and it does not work, AFTER a normal uninstall. After I trash the FMS folder.


                          BUT on this machine has been installed for a few days "Server" from Apple and uninstalled.

                          The problem is that Server use Apache as well and the problem comes probably about this engine.

                          Even a stop from from the terminal didn't change anything.


                          The only solution was to format the HD and re-install a new Mac OS.

                          Since then it works perfectly.

                          Thank you all of you



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                            bkaisin wrote:



                            FMS 14 was installed and I uninstalled it correctly (Off web and database + quit Admin console + uninstall from the install App + Restart).


                            There's one step missing in this procedure: after uninstalling you have to either delete or rename the FMS folder.  I prefer to rename it so that I still have its contents.


                            The uninstaller leaves many things in the FMS folder (all the configs basically, your backups, the docs folder and logs, since it correctly assumes you may want to archive those).  But those can interfere with the installer for the next version.

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