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Discussion created by blckfrm on May 14, 2017
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Hi All,


We provide vertical solutions, and would like input as to the best way to deploy a FM iOS SDK app.


There are 2 basic options here:

1) Launcher file to hosted solution (Vertical 1) - The user inputs essentially a filename(12345), which launches their iteration of the vertical - I feel the App Store is the best deployment option here, the launcher file uses an "id" launches the remote database for them, we have this currently set up and is working perfectly. We control the file and worked it through the app store review process - one app, cookie cutter, many files/users, perfect solution. All users are from the same franchise.


2) Local file (Vertical 2[sync]) - This poses more of an issue as our users are from different businesses, getting the same filemaker file, with local differences (logo, address etc etc), with their logo/tile on the homescreen of the iOS device. In order to meet the app experience(familiarity of AppStore for any iOS users), we would have to submit a new version of the app per new client to the AppStore to review(ie 12345). This introduces random elements of review (the person reviewing the app), process (time for the review) and delay (waiting for review process) to deploy.




1) Deployment - Host the file and send someone a link to download the file, and a mobileconfig file to set up the webclip.


Cons - Using FMGO as a deployment option means the user is subject to a complex (read: non app store process) initiation process to get the desired outcome.

1) Download FM GO on each device [there is no control over this, user could delete this app]

2) Download and install the mobile config [there is no control over this, user could modify settingss]




1) Deployment - Download from app store, download and install, it works or it doesn't - enough said.



2) AppStore - You are subject to the AppStore review process, this is not needed as it is a business app and not for public consumption.


I have tried a FM GO deployment(and failed) and users constantly deleted necessary items (webclip, FM GO).


Is/has anyone tried vertical deployment via AppStore or is there another method?


MDM - Requires hardwire connection to devices, and/or for a single company

VPP - Appears to be for a large corporates - does anyone have any info here?

XCode - Requires hardwire connection to device, also limited per app to 100 devices.


Of course, you could go off the grid with something like Diawi - , not sure this is above board though.


Keen to hear some thoughts!