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Script on Mac Not responding on iPad (F.P.12 & FileMaker Go 15.0.4

Question asked by apmiller on May 14, 2017
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I need help with this Script:

Purpose of this Script is to, while looking in a List View at this month’s appointments of everyone I’ve seen this month, to select one individual this month, and then, using the Script, show all of that individual’s appointments the PRIOR month. It works on my desktop with F.P. 12, but when I run it on the iPad it shows ALL appointment for the prior month. Can someone explain why it doesn’t it act the same way on the iPad as it does on the Desktop?

I use this Database primarily on the iPad, with no Desktop specific Layouts (i.e. only iPad Layouts).


Go to Field [Visits Template::Title]        (where “Title” is the field for the individual’s name)

Copy [Select; Visits Template:: Title]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [VIsits Template::Visit Date; Month(Get(CurrentDate)) -1 & “/“ & Year(Get(CurrentDate))]

Sort Records [Restore: No dialog]

Go to Record/Request/Page [Last]

Paste [ ]

Perform Find [ ]

Set Zoom Level [150%]


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