Barcodes with Geistinteractive Barcode Creator

Discussion created by KimmoKuurma on May 14, 2017
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I simply want to make barcodes out of the product number field. I just bought and downloaded the Geistinteractive's Barcode Creator. But ooohh, I really thought it would be a click and go -app, but I don't seem to understand it at all. I know most of you people in this community are pros and this sounds silly, but is there anyone who have used this product and could explain hand in hand what to do. I used to have idautomative barcode plug-in earlier and it surely was simple to use. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore in this FM Pro 16 (I used to have FM 10). I have Windows 10 and Filemaker for Teams (server +10). I have been trying to watch the Youtube videos of Geistinteractive but those really seem to assume you are a pro user.