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Filemaker Cloud and PSOS export / import script steps

Question asked by amsc on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by amsc

I'm in the process of converting an application from a single user solution with limited peer-to-peer sharing (FM15pro) to a solution that will be hosted via Filemaker Cloud.  I've been using the developer version of FM Server 15 to test scripting as I don't have access to the FM Cloud environment yet. 


I have a question about FM Cloud's compatibility with PSOS export and import steps.  Currently in the FM application that I'm working with, there are several external files that are imported to a temporary table, processed, and then re-imported to the correct table via a self-import script step (i.e. import from the FM file). I already know that the self-import process is not the most optimal solution for a server solution (i.e. it doesn't work with a PSOS step, and my testing appears to indicate that if the reimport is initiated via the client side, the data is transferred over the network to the client then back to the server).


As such, I'm reworking those scripts to include PSOS scripts that would export the data to the server's temporary path after the data has been processed, then reimport them back into the database.  This obviously works with FM Server.  Now my question.  Before I spend a lot of time converting these scripts, does FM Cloud have a temporary path on the server, not the client, that you can use.  If so, can you export and import to/from FM Cloud's temporary path?  I can't seem to find an answer.  I'm trying to avoid a scenario where I'm sending data to FM cloud for the initial import and processing, then downloading the exported processed data to the client and re-importing back over the network to FM Cloud.