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Can card windows remain open without their parent window?

Question asked by developertech on May 15, 2017
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The subject says it all.  I noticed that document windows and card windows share all the same attributes except two:


- card windows have the ability to grey out their parent window

- document windows, when they have their close, minimise and maximise buttons turned off still show greyed out buttons at the top left which I don't like.  Card windows don't have these outlines of buttons.


The second difference led me to wonder if I could create a solution in which ONLY card windows were open (no document windows).  I wanted on start up to write a script (set to perform on first window open although what I really want is on file open) in which the first thing I do is close what would be the normal document that would open on startup and then create a new card window so that the user never sees any normal document window.


But this isn't going to work is it?  The second I close a parent window I no longer have the option to open a card window?  And I also wouldn't be able to, elsewhere in my solution, open another card window, correct?


Thanks in anticipation.