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How can I upgrade my FM pro 15 to 16?

Question asked by tleitzke on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by srzuch

I have not seen anything about Filemaker Pro 16 till just now in a popup on the software. 2 computers in my office are running elligible versions of Filemaker pro 15 (the third is running on an older FM12, because it was originally purchased specifically for an app- which we got the FM software for). The two computers (that should be) elligible have had their licenses purchased directly from the filemaker website, within the last 6 months (Got my information from here). But I could not find out on how I can actually go through the upgrade process. The software says it is up to date, but the Filemaker website advertises the 16 family for purchase. I would assume it would probably be a new install, using the old license key.