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    Allowing connections from outside organisation


      Hi there,


      I need to find out the best way for my client to be able to allow their suppliers access to their system so that the suppliers can upload invoices. We are thinking of creating a stand alone Suppliers system and host it on the clients server along side their current FM solution. Then allow the suppliers access to the Suppliers system so that they can upload invoices, then when they are done I will create a script to push the relevant information to the correct tables in the Main FM system.


      I am just worried about things like security and if WebDirect would be the best option for this. My client has just under 600 supplier accounts currently on their system, but of that there are probably only about 250 which are currently active and the chance of more than 10 login on at the same time to upload invoices would be very rare.


      What pitfalls am I getting myself into?

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          WebDirect works very well.  Only downside is perhaps supporting older browsers.  For the number of users you are dealing with, it should be no problem.  However, if you start adding substantially more concurrent WebDirect users, you will have to purchase more licenses, and the costs is getting to be significant.

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            Hi LSNOVER,


            Thanx for the advice. This is something I think we are going to have to monitor as the suppliers start using the system.

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              Separation is definitely a good choice. You can have different access levels on the suppliers table(s) that are web published (WD) and on your clients' solution (not web published).


              I would wonder how they would be uploading the invoices. What type of documents and/or would they be entering the values into forms?



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                The idea is that the supplier would log into the stand alone version, create a new record for their invoice they want to send and then drop that invoice into a container field. Then I was thinking of having a polling script running on the server from the main file, that would check for any new invoices added. If it finds any new invoices, then it would copy the details across to the main system.


                The thought here is, because the server script is running from the main system, then I would only need to link from the main system to the suppliers system in external connections. Then if someone with IT skills is able to hack into the suppliers system there would be no route to the main system. Also doing it this way, it wouldn't matter what format the suppliers use for their invoicing as I would be able to clean up the data before it hits my system.

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                  Or you may script a Send Email notification when a new invoice has been uploaded. It doesn't need to send the invoice, just let you know enough of the details to let you know to look.


                  So, you will accept PDF, XLS, other document types? I might provide a "template" in Excel, for example, for them to standardize the import once you get the document. But even that may need human intervention to clean the data.



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