Pull values from a related table for script iterations.

Discussion created by user23814 on May 15, 2017
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I am trying to write a script that pulls values, one at a time from another FM database, and uses those to search and iterate.  The basic workflow is:


Database named "Divisions" holds the names of each division that need to the the search values.  There are 20 records in this DB, one for each division.

Database named "Stage Results" holds all of the data that needs to be manipulated.  Each record in this database has a Divisions value.


The script does the following:


1) Take the division value from Record 1 of the Divisions Database

2) perform a search in the "Stage Results" database with the division value for the Division Database

3) perform calculations on the found set

4) Iterate back to step 1 but take the division value from Record 2 of the Divisions Database


Basically, it would iterate through this until all records in the Division Database have been used.