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I like simple..

Question asked by datadud on May 15, 2017
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That's why in the late '90s I acquainted myself with Filemaker Pro. Even though I have used it for many years, with all that goes on in life I have learned only what I needed to (I'm not a programmer - just a very amatuer developer (if even that). I am a volunteer coordinator for our local police department and several years ago I put together a database that tracks manhours, vehicle mileage, house watches, special events and more - it has worked very well for our needs. I am now exploring the idea of going mobile using a couple of Android tablets to access our database while out on patrol but I can't seem to load FMP (ver 8.0) onto the tablet. If it is not relatively simple and cost effective, I'll just abandon the idea. What say you (and thanks)?


Mike Austin