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    New Window Script Step


      GoToBSQuoteWindow.tiffHi All,

      Having trouble creating new windows. They do not open with the dimensions I specify in the script step. Instead the new window is the same size as the "calling" window (roughly 500 x 500)


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Do you have an OnLayoutLoad trigger on either the layout you're on when you open the window or on BSQuotes? Or other trigger (OnRecordLoad, OnModeEntry)?

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            For the 'parent' window (SalesHome), I added a trigger for OnWindowOpen - called ResizeSalesHome. This sets the size to 500x500 and hides the status toolbar.


            SalesHome has 4 buttons on it. Each button script checks to see if the window is open, closes it if it is, opens new window, shows status toolbar, goes to last record and enters browse mode. One of the buttons opens BSQuotes.


            I've just now added the AdjustWindow step in my script to open BSQuotes. This is AFTER my NewWindow step - which seems wrong... It does fix the issue, but i must have something else screwed up.


            Thank You for the reply David.

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              OnWindowOpen is a FILE LEVEL trigger, not a layout level trigger.


              This will trigger on ANY new window open.  If you want to override this trigger in this case, set a global (eg. $$Trigger = "Off" ), then wrap your ResizeSalesHome script in an IF .. END IF Checking for $$Trigger = "On".   Then re-Init $$Trigger to "On" after the END IF

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                Your script could also check the name of the window that just opened in order to determine what happens next.

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                  Ah ha!

                  That makes perfect sense - thank you very much for your help Philip and philmodjunk.