FMP 16 new JSON not supporting Runtime solutions :(

Discussion created by sstpierre on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2017 by Lemmtech

I was quit impress by this new baby (FMP 16) always getting better and better!

What FM is doing is so cool, FM looks for the futur, the IOS thing, the Internet, JSON, JS, etc.

New features, great product, good branding.


Everybody is exciting, not only the folks on FM's web site !!


But saddly, every years push me out and many other, from this great engine and it's great community : stil the runtimes is not out yet. But how many more years could we expect to make it as a living? It is again in the sad depreceted list and those new flesh JSON stuffs are out of reach for us, the sole dev, the poor guys, that relies on FMP, not only for a piece of cake, but for the fun of it, the community as I said.


One day I'll have, and many of us - I think - won't have the choice - to live that ship!


We put a lot of effort, courage, to build tools, biz, customer and hopes. FMP is not Bento people!

Bento was a test drive for CSS3, layouts, themes, and GUI markeys auto layout, etc.


Runtimes are Lab for schools, for Libraries, Museums, for Biz and for US dev warriors! Fools and devoted fan of FMP!

With this release I said to my wife, well: another year or so...

Damn it!


Java can do everything, mySQL, Javascript, the web is there... and hopefully with FMP and it's runtime solution, kiosk mode and the web hosting.

So big promesses, cool stuf to come, but locked for us!


Yes, my wife will be there!! But... is sucks!!! She was encouraging me with FMP. Now what ! I wouldn't build her flowers!!!

Why would I bought FMP 17, should I leave now, to propare for the future, cause I'm not depreceted yet!


So long, Like Bowie said "We were fun boy!!"

FMP was a fun tool to use. Hope they can make change my mind.