Add Account missing Oauth users?

Discussion created by velistar on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by karstyn

Hi all,


I was playing around today to setup OAuth and get familiar with this new feature. I only setup Google accounts and it has been a pretty smooth process without any major difficulties. Tested on both FMP and WD very successfully from the first try.


However this wan't what I envisioned (for some reason) but anyway this is what we have. I realised that I needed to add the username for every single user that would use OAuth manually. I then opened up the "Add Account" script step to see if there is anything new there but there isn't any!! This step only creates an FMP user.


I haven't worked with Active or Open Directories in the past just FMP accounts so excuse the silliness in this question. Does any one know a way to "register" an OAuth account with a FM solution?