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    Slow portal filtering


      Hello Filemaker users,


      I created in a table a field that contains 31 rows which are displayed on a single form through 31 portals. Each portal has one filter activated. When a portal record is being edited you can notice a slight delay whilst typing the first letters and saving the portal record also takes a second.


      Is there a technique so that portal records are just as responsive as non-portal records? I have searched the forum but was not able to find it.


      Kind regards,



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          Any portal filter that you define has the potential to slow things down and by much more than what you report here. I once brought an entire system to its knees by testing a single, filtered portal. FileMaker has to evaluate that filter exptession once for every related record. In my case that was over a million records due to using a Cartesian join. In you case, any such delay is multiplied by 31.




          Don't filter the portal, filter the relationship. That might mean 31 occurrences of you portal's table where you now have one and with the same number of match fields added to the parent table but perhaps worth it, if it improves performance. (And yes, not all filter expressions can be replaced by relationships.)


          Use a repeating field in order to display and edit data, but with scripts that move that data in and out of the repeating field in order to keep it in synch with your related records.