Formatting Bar refresh problem

Discussion created by scottworld on May 16, 2017
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There is a very minor problem with the formatting bar not refreshing properly (in both FMPA 15 and FMPA 16).


1. Open up a database where the formatting bar is hidden and locked by default. You can do this by making an opening script which has this script step: Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock; Hide]


2. Then, show the toolbars by running a script with this script step:

Show/Hide Toolbars [Show]

You'll notice that your Status Bar is showing but not your Formatting Bar. This is okay at the moment.


3. Go into layout mode.


4. Select any object that has a non-default fill color and a non-default line color.


5. Show the formatting bar by choosing View-->Formatting Bar.


6. PROBLEM: The formatting bar does not reflect the fill color and the line color of the currently-selected object. You actually need to click away from the object and then back onto the object in order for the formatting bar to update properly.


This is a problem in both FMPA 15 and FMPA 16.