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    Card Window + Paused Script = Status Toolbar locked :-/


      Product and version FileMaker Pro 16.0.1

      OS and version Mac 10.11.5

      Hardware MacMini




      Hello TSGal et al,



      I have noticed that if in a script you open a card window, Pause the script and then close the window that it is not possible to change the state of the Status Toolbar, when the script is paused.


      This seems to me to be a bug.


      CardWindow Toolbar.png


      How to replicate


      Create 2 Layouts + 1 Script:


      New Window [ Style: Card ; Name: Get( WindowName ) & " - Card" ; Using layout: "OtherLayout" ]

      Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]

      Close Window [ Current Window ]



      Make sure status bar is not locked

      Run script

      While paused, try to show/hide the status bar…

      expected result:     You can hide/show the status bar, because its is not locked

      actual result:          The Status Toolbar menu item is deactivated, although the toolbar is not locked


      Workaround (none)