Struggling with CryptAuthCode function

Discussion created by cwhitty on May 16, 2017
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Im reasonably new to Filemaker so bear with...

Im trying to generate a hmac to send to an API Server required for activating sims.


Currently I can create what i need using the Base elements plugin;


Lower ( BE_HMAC ( $DATA ; table::secretkey ;  BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_SHA256; "" ;  "" ) )








$DATA = "lower=&20upper=113&tariff=8&nickname=&tags=Chris Whitfield"


But as scripts to activate sims will be ran via Webdirect and Filmmaker app I can't see it working and would rather use what is already in filemaker.


So Ideally i would us the new crypt auth code function but it seems to return a file called


So to try and get the hmac retuned as text rightly or wrongly i tried this;


Base64Decode ( Base64EncodeRFC ( "4648" ; CryptAuthCode ( $DATA ; "SHA256" ; table::secretkey ) ) )


result:   *������1<n��S ����  ��� ���so


Any help will be greatly appreciated.