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    Struggling with CryptAuthCode function




      Im reasonably new to Filemaker so bear with...

      Im trying to generate a hmac to send to an API Server required for activating sims.


      Currently I can create what i need using the Base elements plugin;


      Lower ( BE_HMAC ( $DATA ; table::secretkey ;  BE_MessageDigestAlgorithm_SHA256; "" ;  "" ) )








      $DATA = "lower=&20upper=113&tariff=8&nickname=&tags=Chris Whitfield"


      But as scripts to activate sims will be ran via Webdirect and Filmmaker app I can't see it working and would rather use what is already in filemaker.


      So Ideally i would us the new crypt auth code function but it seems to return a file called hmac.data


      So to try and get the hmac retuned as text rightly or wrongly i tried this;


      Base64Decode ( Base64EncodeRFC ( "4648" ; CryptAuthCode ( $DATA ; "SHA256" ; table::secretkey ) ) )


      result:   *������1<n��S ����  ��� ���so


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Why not use CryptEncrypt() for the encryption and then CryptDecrypt() for the decryption?

          CryptEncrypt() - FileMaker Pro 16 Help

          CryptDecrypt() - FileMaker Pro 16 Help

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            Thanks for the reply,


            CryptDecrypt( CryptEncrypt( CryptAuthCode ( $DATA ; "SHA256" ; "9cfb29377943159b41c06df5296cc694795f0e2dedd6a89440efc59727ccc236" ) ; "whishthiswouldwork" ) ; "whishthiswouldwork" )





            I presume hmac.data is a file and what lies within looks something like this


            is that correct???


            if so any ideas how i can get it?

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              You need to perform them as separate actions, rather than trying to do it all in one calculation.


              CryptEncrypt() results in a container file, so use Set Field to stick that into a container. Then use CryptDecrypt() to test decrypting that container’s file.


              Read the documentation I linked to, it is much more thorough and there are other functions you may be able to use as well.

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                Set Field container with CryptEncrypt( CryptAuthCode ( $DATA ; "SHA256" ; "9cfb29377943159b41c06df5296cc694795f0e2dedd6a89440efc59727ccc236" ) ; "whishthiswouldwork" )


                Container field contents are



                set variable $HMAC1 using CryptDecrypt( Subscriptions::Container ; "whishthiswouldwork" )




                so the encrypt, decrypt appears to be working but still returns the original file/container

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                  Why are you double encrypting your data with:

                  CryptEncrypt( CryptAuthCode ( $DATA ; "SHA256" ; "9cfb29377943159b41c06df5296cc694795f0e2dedd6a89440efc59727ccc236" ) ; "whishthiswouldwork" )


                  Did you try just:

                  CryptEncrypt( "9cfb29377943159b41c06df5296cc694795f0e2dedd6a89440efc59727ccc236" ; "whishthiswouldwork" )


                  You are basically encrypting an encrypted file, then only decrypting it one step. This results in an encrypted file (your hmac.data), that still requires an additional level of decryption from you using CryptAuthCode()

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                    Example 1 on your linked help file shows the operations in one step:


                    Example 1

                    Returns This needs protection, the text that was encrypted using CryptEncrypt with the same key.


                    CryptDecrypt (
                    CryptEncrypt ( "This needs protection" ; "My secret password" ) ;
                    "My secret password"

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                      I also struggled with CryptAuthCode when it became available.  I was able to get the BaseElements plugin to work, but not the native function.


                      Two issues;


                      1.     CryptAuthCode in 16.0.1 does not produce correct results.


                      2.     CryptAuthCode works internally with binary data.


                      What does this mean?  Firstly you need to be running at least 16.0.2.  Secondly whereas the BaseElements plugin allows you to specify if C and K are Hex or Base64 you need to encode C and K appropriately for it to produce same results.  If you just pass in a Hex string it will be treated as text ... not what you intended.


                      Try something like this;


                      Lower ( HexEncode ( CryptAuthCode ( C ; "SHA1" ; K ) ) )




                      C = HexDecode ( Globals::Data ; "data.bin" )

                      K = HexDecode ( Globals::Key; "key.bin")


                      The Data and Key fields contain Hex strings.


                      Cheers,  Malcolm