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Best way forward?

Question asked by on May 16, 2017
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Hi - I'm a complete "newbie" here so please be patient


(This may not be in the right group...(


I've taken over IT support for a small company who are still running FileMaker Pro 2.1 in multiple stand-alone instances. I've successfully completed the upgrade path in a VM (.fm to .fp5 to .fp7 to .fmp12), and can open the various .fmp12 files successfully in FileMaker PRO 16 (trial), but I would like to know which end product is the best to use in his scenario? Between 5-7 users, Windows Server 2008R2 AD, file & print server in place (and a spare virtual 2008R2 licence if needed). FileMaker Server appears to tick all the boxes, but perhaps overkill given the number of users? The standard web / device functionality may come in useful down the track, but of course that is a complete unknown given how deprecated this environment has been. Any comments welcome, reasonable dollars not an issue, although the solution can't be cloud-based as we are in Australia.


Would like to avoid the peer-to-peer networking model if possible......


Apologies if the question appears a little lame, and you're right, I am trying to save some time identifying a solution as I'm not the end user


Thanks in advance,