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    uploaden documenten server FM16



      Ik wil bestanden uploaden naar de MainDB op de FM server. Dit lukt niet omdat ik de melding krijg "Het bestand is geen geldig Filemaker-bestand"

      Ik heb al verschillende bestandformaten geprobeerd, maar krijg telkens dezelfde melding. Wat doe ik verkeerd?

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          Hi Mjölnir,


          You should not do any changes to the FileMaker file. Create it with FileMaker 14-15 or 16 and do not change the file suffix ... .fmp12


          Just to better understand: Which other file formats did you try with ... and why did you try those other file formats?


          It could also be that your file is an older version - fp7 - or even older. If this is the case, you will need to convert it to fmp12 format first.


          Get back here and we will solve it.


          Best regards



          Ps. You can try answering in Dutch ... with my English/German/Danish language background I am able to read most of it when it is as simple as this ... but English would indeed be easier

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            And just adding: If you want to upload other file types into a database, then you should not use the share->upload to server function but create a container field in your database and upload through the UI of your solution.

            Is upload of documents to an existing database your aim here?

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              I have containerfields and want to upload pdf-files. It is a existing database. I first worked with FM pro Advanced and that was easy to do. But with FM server it's an other way of working and I haven't figured out how.

              What do you mean bij UI?

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                Kun je even beschrijven hoe je bestanden upload?  Via de FileMaker -> Sharing -> Upload to FileMaker Server?


                Dan nee: dat is niet de juiste manier.  Dat is enkel om fmp12 bestanden op server te krijgen.  Voor PDFs: die sla je normaal gezien op in container velden in je solution, en zo raken die automatisch op FMS.

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                  Hi Mjölnir,


                  It's very simple: You should not use the function under File>Share> which will expect you to upload a FileMaker file.


                  1. Put a container field on your layout
                  2. Drag a file (any file type) onto this field or right click on the field and select "Insert file".


                  That's all.


                  Does this work for you?

                  If not, please attach screendumps of the field definition and the layout in layout mode.


                  Best regards



                  Ps. Det er herligt med lidt lokale europæiske sprog her. Lokalkolorit.

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                    That work's.

                    But I also have to log in the server to open the document in the containerfield. Is that necassary?

                    If I don't log into the server than Filemaker don't have the link anymore.

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                      Something fundamental is off here... the FM file is hosted on FileMaker Server, right?  To open the document you would only have to open the FM file itself and then use "export field contents' to get the document out of the container to use it.

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                        Hi Mjölnir,


                        After uploading the document to the container field, try right clicking on the container field ... this way you can download again.


                        You should never access the server directly, always/only through FileMaker file. Please describe your case and what you want to acchieve

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                          Hello Carsten (and Wim),


                          Thanks for the reactions.


                          At home I have a mac mini dedicated as FM server (FM16). Futher a iMac and a macbook Air (FMproAdvanced15)


                          I have all mine documents digital and a fm program to organise the information from the documents. I have placed all the documents on the FM server, because I want to read them from the iMac or macbook. Thanks to you I can open them in FM. But this is only possible when I connect to te server as well.


                          So I open FM on mine macbook and see in the containerfields nothing. When I connect the macbook with the server (via Finder), then the containerfield shows the documents. I still think that there is an other way (not connecting with the server:-) to show the documents into the containerfields.