Please bear with my beginner question

Discussion created by rjalex on May 17, 2017
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Dear friends,

with some studying and help from some of you I think I now have a good schema for my homegrown orders/inventory/sales/customers idea :-)


Now I'm starting my layouts. First was the Suppliers which works well (both a detail and a list view)


I now started the Order layout and am stumped on a very basic item :-(


The layout starts with a generated order number, then I have a status field which I managed to get working with a drop down list of statuses, so far so good.


Next I want to see a Supplier field which should be an alphabetically sorted list of Suppliers I have from the supplier table plus (for now I can ignore the need to enter a new supplier from here).


I used the inspector to say the field is to display data from distrib::CompanyName but nothings shows up.


What am I doing wrong ?


Of course the Orders table has a FK (fkSupplierId) to the Suppliers table (pkSupplierId).


Thanks for helping.