Increment Field In portal Row

Discussion created by luffyfilemaker007 on May 17, 2017
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Hi guys,


So I have a table for daily appointments, each record being a new day.


And on this record I set up a portal row based on appointments with arrival time, name of the customer and more.

Each row is a customer with some more information.

So the main Table is Day and the portal row is based on table Appointments


Now what I would like is to give a unique number to an appointment.

So first arrived would be, 1, second 2,...


So I set up a field with that number  lets name it "ArrivalNumber" and I increment it by one.

The problem is first; if I create a new record the next day, the new blank portal row will start to increment based on the last one from the former day. But what I want it to do is to start from 1 again.


The second problem is I would like to set up little buttons "arrow up" and '"arrow down" so I can move a customer up or down in the list of appointments  and it would automaticaly change his number to the proper position in the portal row.


I tried a few things but it doesnt work out well so far.


Any advice ?

Cheers ,