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      Hi All,


      I have created a countdown timer with a lot of assistance from this community.


      I have attached a copy of the file.


      I can get the timer to work by clicking the start button which runs the following script, but I cannot get line 4 to work.



      I can get the script to stop manually by clicking the stop button.


      Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.



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          As long as there *is* a value in the duration field, the Else if part will never be executed.


          You need to either empty the duration field in the If part, or restructure your branching logic, by eg using


          If [ not isEmpty ( duration field ) and status <> "running" ) ]


          End if

          If [ status = "running" and end < Get ( CurrentTimestamp ) ]


          End if

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            Hi Erolst,


            I tested your response by commencing the countdown and then deleting the value in the duration field, this did not make the timer stop when the specified time had been reached.


            I then tried deleting both the duration and status fields and still no luck.


            I then tried your suggestion with the branching logic, but neither of your examples worked.


            What am I doing wrong?