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FM11 script help (at least I think it is)

Question asked by chappers on May 17, 2017
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I have a competition board where in one category my students work out the amount of copper in a sample - the closest one is ranked in a field called "Copper Rank".  I have a field called "Copper points" and I need the first ranked copper (that displays "1") to be given 3 points, like wise I'd like second place to receive "2" points and third place to get "3" points - all this should happen in the "Copper points" field.


My ranking system works - I'm just not sure how to get the "Copper Rank" field to allocate points to  the "Copper points" field.


I could enter the points by hand but .......this is the last bit I have to do.


please help a tired newbie at the end of a long academic year.


Many thanks in advance