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Login Layout, linked to the Filemaker account schema

Question asked by user23334 on May 17, 2017
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Hi all,

probably this is a very frequently asked question, but upon searching the community forum resulted in a no useful result.

Our problem s very simple and probably: in a FM solution we would like to have accounts created inside the internal security system *Database >> Security ...), but we would like to "challenge" such login, using a customised layout.


Let's say there's a guest accessed layout started wth the solution itself (say it login.fmp12), presenting username and password request: after pressing the login button, we would like to check if the username/password couple is valid for the FM solution itself (and the following ones called by the first dashboard) and proceed the the main dashboard, with the privileged set assigned to the logged in user, otherwise a new login request should appear; after 3->5 attempts a new layout should be presented to ask the user to ask the administrator to reset the password.


Can you describe me a step/by/step list to comply wth these needs ?


Thanks in advance.