iOS Relaunch Behavior Is Insecure

Discussion created by RonSmithMD on May 17, 2017
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I've become concerned about a peculiar behavior on iOS FileMaker Go.


If I use my quit script to log out or quit my hosted solution, all is well if I quit FileMaker Go and then reopen the solution.


However if I simply swipe FileMaker Go away without logging out  or quiting (i.e. running my logout script), and then reopen the solution on FileMaker Go, it does NOT run the Startup script but returns me to the same place. That is the last state of the solution is saved in FileMaker Go and the user is returned to that state.


This seems a huge security hole.


Is there a way to always make FileMaker GO run the startup script even after it has been swiped away? I do not want FileMaker Go to retain the state of the solution if it is swiped away and Swiping away does not run any scripte that I can see.