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Is there a way to do a Summary based on a Calculation?

Question asked by tetrasync on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by mikebeargie

For example, I have durations (in seconds) for a bunch of records







I want to create a running Summary for these items, the only problem is it shows the first records as being 12 as that is the total for that record, I'd like it to start at 0 and continue adding from there as I'm aiming to display the start point. I am sorting in a specific order so the summary is vital that the first record in the sort has a value of 0


So instead of displaying:

12 - 12

21 - 33

42 - 75

57 - 132


I want to display the Summary field like so:

12 - 0

21 - 12

42 - 33

57 - 75


In short I'm adding the durations together but need to ensure that its displaying the start time for each record of which starting at 0 hence the offset. This will always be based on a different set of records (depending on the found set)



Any help would be greatly appreciated!