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    Would FileMaker be good for a web app with paid user accounts?


      Forgive me if this is a dumb question, as I am mostly familiar with using FileMaker Pro for single user personal projects and am not too familiar with the capabilities of FileMaker Server.


      I have an idea for a database application that would be very useful to people in my field. I am considering developing this application and having paid user accounts where each person would only see the data they put into the database.


      Would this be a good use case for FileMaker?

      • If so, can anyone provide examples of companies that use FileMaker in this way that I could take a look at?
      • If not, does anyone know of a service that is more suited for this that is similar to FileMaker in that little Web programming knowledge is needed for development of the solution? I've come across Caspio as a possibility but am not totally sold on it and wonder if there are other services.
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