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    Web Accessing



      I work for a small company that looking for the best way to share and update its data via web site. Long time ago the company used FM 7 (I believe) and still have the files. They would like to use (after some modification) these files and share them via web to allow others to view and update. What would be the best option? I was thinking about IWP or WD...but I heard the connection is slow....


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          Hi wb12


          IWP is not available in 13-14-15-16 but WebDirect is.


          WebDirect was very slow and problematic in FileMaker 13, somehow OK in 14, good in 15 and it is great in 16!

          And PDF/Print was missing in WebDirect for 13-14-15 and is implemented in 16.


          So depending on your use-case WebDirect could be a very good solution.


          Please describe your need/solution a little bit more.

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            And forgot: About converting from fp7 to fmp12 ... thats very easy. Just put all files in one folder and drop this folder onto the program icon.


            But is it a large solution or a small solution?


            You should at least go through those layouts that are going to be used as UI in WebDirect and make sure to use a theme all the way through.

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              Thank you Carsten for your input.

              In old days the company X used FM, then stopped and recently decided to reactivate it. Easy to say but harder to choose the right path...

              There is one fp file that works as front end interface calling up and displaying other fp files. In total there are about 30 fp files connected to each other somehow. The company wants to allow to use that "front end interface" to their employees all over the world (while travelling).

              FM16 may work...What would I need to make it work starting from scratch? Would I need any licensing, hosting, server etc? How to calculate total cost?


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                Hi again,


                You have a few options:

                • Getting an FLT (FileMaker Licensing for Teams) which include the server software or an AVLA (Annual Volumen License Agreement)
                • Alternatively if all employees are going to use FileMaker, an ASLA (Annual Site Licence Agreement) could be very favourable.
                • You can choose to host on your own server (Windows 2012 or 2016 or Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12). Or you can look at Amazon Web Services/FileMaker Cloud or some other FileMaker hosting.
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                  There is one fp file that works as front end interface calling up and displaying other fp files. In total there are about 30 fp files connected to each other somehow.

                  When I read this my reaction is: This is not originally a FP7 solution but an old fp6 or even older. And it is then converted to FileMaker 7 ... perhaps with one table in each file?


                  But even so it will probably work when converted to fmp12

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                    You're right Carsten.  I think the files were created using FM 5 then converted to fmp 7. Now the company wants to go back to FM and convert the files again to fmp 12 and go with the latest FM product.  I am very skeptical about it. I'm worry that even the files could be converted to fmp12 they could lose some functionalities.

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                      Conversion may change (for you) things like

                      Today // now is :

                      Get ( CurrentDate )

                      There may be theme changes. But I've gone through these paths and "they just work". You don't lose anything, you gain some ways to do things should you wish to add them.


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                        I have been looking for places that provide filemaker hosting services. The cost depends in many cases of number of FM databases that they would host. What consider to be FM database? I have about 30 fp7 files that are connected to each other somehow. Is that mean I have 30 databases or just one? thanks