Layout Group-of-one object - after cancelling Button Setup

Discussion created by mrwatson-gbs on May 18, 2017
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Product and version FileMaker Pro 16, probably 15, maybe earlier

OS and version Mac 10.11.6

Hardware MBP





Thanks to the fantastic new fmp16 Layout Objects inspector, I have found lots of singly-grouped objects within my layouts.


It makes no sense to have a group of 1!

=> It makes the usability of layouting very difficult, coz you can't see/edit the properties of the 'wrapped' object.


Where do they come from?


=> As far as I can tell, from an erroneous / incomplete behaviour of the Button Setup process.



How to replicate



  1. Place an object (field) on a layout.
  2. Choose Button Setup from the Format (or context) menu.
  3. Close the Button Setup dialog without doing anything
  4. Inspect the object with the Layout Object tree


Expected Result: No group, just the object (as in earlier FM Versions)

Actual Result: Group containing one object


Here is a vid:




While this issue is not a bug as such, it is an absolute disaster for UX when layouting! In other words it is exactly the workaround which is the issue!


  • Avoid pressing Button Setup, and then cancel.
  • Ungroup the object immediately, should you have accidentally done this.
  • If you find such solo-groups later - after they have been further manipulated (Hide calc) - you can use the Layout Object tree to help copy the calc from the group to the object before ungrouping the object.


After removing the groups things look like this:


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 17.14.29.png