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Invoices Starter Solution Items Amount Total By Item Reference

Question asked by bob_w on May 18, 2017
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I am new to FileMaker Advanced and have a question I hope someone can help with. I have modified the Invoices Starter Solution to be a database for my mechanic and have figured out a lot of it but there are a few items that I am struggling with. I current question is regarding line items on an invoice. I need to get a total dollar amount of all the line items "Labor" some invoice will have Labor listed more than once to break down different tasks performed. Then I need to calculate 3% of the total and add it to the Invoice Total as "Shop Supplies". (eg. Labor is one item as Oil  Service .25 hours at $98.00 / Hour = $24.50 and another line item Labor as Replace Fuel Pump 1 hour at $98.00 so ($98.00 + $24.50 )*.03 = $3.67 The Amount For Shop Supplies to to be added to the Invoice Total.


The next question is regarding adding the vehicle information to the Invoice by selecting a record from the automobiles table (I added) that is linked to a customer and adding it to a record on the invoice. I have a temporary work around for the but the Labor issue I have not even been able to bandaid until I learn more about the scripts and calculations.


I greatly appreciate any help!


Thanks, Bob