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Design question: Enterprises - companies

Question asked by mz5005 on May 18, 2017
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We have a table of business-contacts with therefore many times the same companies. We have made that into a separate table with only unique company names.  The next step is Enterprises vs Company Names. (IBM is an enterprise, but has many subsidiaries with a slightly or totally different name).

Q1: How do I best set that up (design wise)?


An Enterprise is a company in itself and has to remain also in the CompaniesUnique table (because many of our contacts work at IBM sec).

I could therefore in CompaniesUnique "check" IBM as part of Enterprise IBM , but I foresee problems later with using that this way.

I could also set up a separate Enterprises table with IBM, HP etc, give them an enterprise-code and select the proper Enterprise code later in CompaniesUnique per record.


Q2: if I choose the" Enterprises-table way" will I not get problems with IBM and others appearing in both Enterprises and CompaniesUnique later on?


Q3: most of the companies we know are (of course) SMBE, but could still be considered to be an "enterprise of themselves". We are not a data entry company, nor is our purpose to "design the most beautiful system". We like to keep things simple unless there is a good reason not to. My preference therefore is an Enterprise table with only the really large companies and in the CompaniesUnique the Enterprise field left to "ZZZ" (and an Enterprise with a name "ZZZ")

Any reasons not to do it this way?


Any advice to sweating amateur highly appreciated :-)