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    PHP Curl with Open Transport Problem


      I have a test server running MacOS X 10.11 and FM 14 Server (single machine deployment).


      I have a new production server running MacOX X 10.11 and FM 15 Server (single machine deployment).

      The only difference is the version of FM Server installed.


      My PHP file on the FM Web Root calls a CURL to https://url to insert into FileMaker Server.


      It works the installation with FM 14 but FM 15  gives me an error...


      Curl error: 35 SSL: CA certificate set, but certificate verification is disabled


      Searching various places (including here), this appears to be related to the version of CURL complied with PHP.  Is there a work-around for this (other than not using a secure CURL, which, of course works).


      Thank your for your ideas!