Fields are grouped in FMPA 16 that were not in FMPA 15

Discussion created by kyledraco1 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by dewitte

I found really quick today, after upgrading to FMPA 16, several fields on several different layouts were acting incorrectly.  The user could not get out of the field by TAB or either ENTER keys after entering data in the field.  After a little digging, I realized the field was not showing as a field in FMPA 16.  It was showing as an object.  The menu had very few options when you right clicked on the object. However, the script triggers and formatiting were working!?!? Finally, I noticed an UNGROUP option in the menu after right clicking on the object.  After I ungrouped the object, it became a field again and acted correctly as it did in FMPA 15!  However, there was no other fields or objects grouped or attached to it that showed after I ungrouped it.  I wonder how many of those I am going to find in my 14 different databases!  I would be happy to share a backed up database so the Filemaker staff could open it in FMPA 15 and 16 to see what I am describing.