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FileMaker integration with cloud drive

Question asked by mystyle0909 on May 17, 2017
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I am developing a project management database for team. There will be many projects and subtasks under each project. However, file sharing is a problem because for each project there will be many files like miscellaneous reports, spreadsheets, pdf, pictures etc. that cannot be easily categorized, and FM does's have a good solution for files and folders.


Thus I add a web viewer linked to OneDrive on project layout to solve this problem. But still every time you need to log in OneDrive again and locate the specific shared project folder among all the folders. Besides, you need to create project folder in Onedrive every time when you create the project and set the shared users, which has already been done once in FM project team setting.


Is there any easier solution for shared folder? Or better way to integrate cloud drive?