FMG16 Card Height

Discussion created by mrjamesmoore on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by tobejazz

Card Height doesn't appear to work correctly on FMG16. For example I have 2 layouts both of height 736 (the height of my device); let's call them Layout A & B.


From Layout A I open a new Card Window using Layout B. The dimensions of the Card are no Height (so the default of 736 is used), 20 Width, 0 from top and 0 from left.  When the Card is displayed it does not fill the entire height of the screen (which is 736). My question is why?


Same issue occurs if I specify a height (rather than using the default) or use layouts with different heights. A Card going from the very top of the screen to the very bottom doesn't seem possible on FMG. On FMA it does work.


I've tried this on iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPad Air.