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    Advice for PO layout elements please


      Dear friends,

      thanks to some great help I am slowly learning FM through building an ordering/inventory/sales app for my wife's shop.


      So far have a Suppliers layout which I like and now started with a Purchase Orders  (PO) layout.


      The only piece I have right now is a PO layout with fields to give it a progressive number and select a supplier and status from parent tables.


      I need now to tackle the filling of the PO lines.


      For now I'd be content with having a list of the products carried by that supplier to choose from and add an order quantity and if needed change the purchase price (and keep the running total of the PO updated) OR if I need to enter a new product open up some dialog to do so.


      What are the FM layout elements and techniques to study to achieve this?


      I've seen a layout from Daniel's website I like but I'm still not able to understand which elements to use: poMockup.png


      Thank you very much for any help

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          The simplest method I can think of is using a hidden pop-over which contains a portal used for picking the product that will appear on your PO lines.


          You would need to create a Cartesian join from your purchase orders to your product table to be able to display all products for your viewing. To be able to add new items into your PO lines you will need to open the hidden pop-over which has a search feature to find whatever you need. Then you select a product and it will be added to your PO lines portal.


          I've created a rustic example which you can use to understand how you can do it. There are many other methods which will be more polished than this.


          Hope this helps a little bit, feel free to ask any questions about it

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            Thank you VERY much! Will study.

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              Your RUSTIC attempt is a lot better than anything I can do right now :-)


              Very very nice and I'll learn a lot from it. Thank you.


              One question: in your example there's no way to add a new product but only to select them from a list.


              How would you go about it? Just going to the Products and add it there and then come back?


              What worries me is that I have a Products table that describes the good, then I have a Deliverables table that lists price and ordering codes for a given Product as distributed by a given Supplier so filling in an order line for a product that is not found means populating the Products and then the Deliverables tables ...


              Thanks for any further advice

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                On the pop-over you could just simply create a button - "New Product".


                This would either take you to the products layout OR you could open up a new window to create the new product then you can fill in the appropriate details.

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