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Separating Surplus Records to a Different Table

Question asked by ukypayne on May 18, 2017
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I currently have a database to keep track of my organization's purchased items. Every year, we go through to check that the items still exist and add notes as to their condition, etc. We answer to the state so we have very specific surplus property rules to follow. After we send an item to surplus, we change the status in FM to "Surplussed". I would like the records that have been sent away to be moved into another table in the same database.


Approximately 300 records (15% of the table) is items that are surplussed.


What is the recommended way to migrate these items to a different table so we can still have the data, but not constantly have to filter our the 300 items? Each record currently has 55 fields, so I don't want to manually write a big script with variables unless it is the best practice method.


Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice!