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OnLayoutEnter Script Step Looping Issue

Question asked by rcbmi1 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by rcbmi1

Hi all,


I am attempting to set up a notification system so that the admin of our database file can see which layouts users are accessing throughout the day, as well as the time spent on a given layout. The issue I'm running in to is this:


I have created a script which set variables for the time, the user performing the action, and several other pieces of information.

This information is then copied using the Set Field Script Step to another table (System Table).

If I use the Set Field Step, no new record is generated, so it simply copies over the last entry.

If I use the Go To Layout Script Step, I get stuck in a layout change loop when I return to the original layout.


Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


Running FMS15 with FM14 clients, mixed OS environment.