Set Web Viewer to Local File on Windows

Discussion created by acohensitt on May 18, 2017
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I am using FMP ADVANCED 15.


I am having an issue with the Set Web Viewer script step in Windows 10 trying to display a local .xml file in a Web Viewer.


I have this working perfectly on a Mac, with no issue, and the local xml file in a temporary directory displays just fine. I then use the GetLayoutObjectAttribute script step to extract the contents of the xml file.


On the Mac, the script step is as follows:


Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "viewer" ; URL: "file:/"&Get(TemporaryPath)&"filename.xml"]


This properly displays the contents of the xml file in the Web Viewer object named: "viewer"


On Windows 10, this does not work. Upon further search, I saw a few posts that mentioned to alter the path:


URL: "file:///..."


This also did not work.


Any help would be appreciated.




Aaton Cohen-Sitt