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    Data API can't search on non-modifiable fields

    Jonathan Jeffery

      Product and version     FileMaker Server

      OS and version     Mac OS 10.12.4 

      Hardware     Mac Mini (mid 2011)


      Setting up a call to the Data API for a FM16 file, as per the documentation FileMaker 16 Data API Guide 

      I want to perform a find in an ID field, that has ''prohibit modification of value during data entry" property checked.

      I would not expect this to affect the Find call, as I am not attempting to modify any data.


      However, when I perform the call I get the return {"errorMessage":"Field cannot be modified","errorCode":"201"}", regardless of the privilege set of the account I'm using for the call.

      If I deselect the ''prohibit modification" property for the field, the Find call works as expected, and returns a JSON of the found records.


      Workaround (if any)

      Avoid targeting Find calls to fields with the ''prohibit modification of value during data entry" property set.

      Protecting the contents of a field from accidental editing in FMP can be achieved in a number of other ways (although less convenient; e.g. prevent field access in browse mode, use a calculation field to show the value, restrict the user privilege set)