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      I recently went from FM 10 to 15 and I get an error when I try to transfer my data bases per the old script.  I'm thinking the script needs to be changed but I did not develop the scripts originally.  Is there anyone that can help me write new scripts or fix this one?  I have upgraded many times and this is the first time I have encountered this problem.  The message I get is .fmp12 could not be opened. (not found).  Thanks.

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          How did you convert from 10 into 15? It almost sounds like a missing file reference.


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            You'll need to explain in a lot more detail what you mean by:


            I get an error when I try to transfer my data bases per the old script.

            That statement doesn't really make any sense.

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              I purchased Filemaker Pro 15 and downloaded it on my computer.  I was then able to transfer the old databases to the new program.  These databases have five scripts.  We teach an online coparenting program and the databases are of the parents registered for the course.  Once they have completed, we have a script to Print a Certificate, Transfer to Attendance, or Transfer to Add Ons.  The script for printing the certificate works fine.  We are just unable to transfer the completed parents to the Attendance database.

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                Thanks for trying to help.  I hope I explained better in my last reply above.  I can hopefully give you more information if you can tell me what you need.  As explained in the first post, the person who created the script is no longer with our company, and I am not sure how to change the script as is.

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                  Beverly's guess sounds very likely.


                  I was then able to transfer the old databases to the new program.


                  How exactly did you do that? Does your solution consist of more than one file? If you did not select all of them and open them all at once in the new version in order to convert, you may have broken references between your files.


                  You can either convert again, or open Manage | External Data Sources and look for problems.


                  You can also post a screen shot of the script here.


                  the person who created the script is no longer with our company, and I am not sure how to change the script as is.

                  Note that you may need to either invest time into learning how to work with FileMaker and relational databases or hire someone to fix this for you.

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                    I was on the phone with technical assistance from File Maker.  They advised me to transfer them one at a time, so that is what I did.  Do you think that if I try to transfer them all at once, this will fix the problem?  I contacted FM for help or to get a manual and they suggested I post my question here.  Where can I go to learn about Filemaker scripts?

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                      Hi kidfirst,


                      we would need to know what you mean exactly by transfer them ? What is the procedure you used ? Without knowing, it's hard for us to help you.

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                        As I suggested earlier, open Manage External Data Sources and loo for problems.


                        In particular look for file names that are wrong.

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                          Forget the script issue for a moment. Did you go through the conversion process to convert the .pf7 file to an fmp12 one and was that process successful? Is the database just one file or linked group of files? If more than more did you convert ALL of them? You may need to hire a developer to come on site to take a look at the situation and help you more directly.

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                            I guess instead of Transfer, I should be using Convert.  I had to convert them one at a time.  It is a linked group of files.  My scripts are:  Transfer Attendance, Transfer Add Ons, and Transfer No Shows.  I would love to hire a developer but no one in my area seems to be familiar with Filemaker and I must add, I live in a rural community.

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                              That;'s what I thought. ALL your database files need to be converted and they ALL need be in the same folder after conversion so they can find each other. Conversions can be tricky if you are not familiar with the process. If you are in the USA I'm sure myself or someone on the forum could arrange to help you remotely but given the technical nature of the situation I think some expert help to help you make the transition may be helpful here,

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                                Working from my rural location, I routinely consult with others around the world.

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                                  I'm sure you are right.  I was just following the instructions from a tech at Filemaker.  I have updated before but never had to convert the files manually.  I had a disc and all the files automatically converted.  I am in the USA and would appreciate you helping me remotely.  I don't understand what is different this time from earlier updates but I am not very technical and it could be frustrating when helping me!  I am on a Mac, not a PC.  Also, two of the files corrupted before I upgraded, so I had to recover those files.  This could be the problem although the tech didn't think so but he was not familiar with scripts.

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                                    You can reach me here markl@lemmtech.com. I have a short week next week because I am going to the pause on error conference but I may be able to find some time to see if I can help you out.